Wednesday, 27 March 2013



Design a wedding favour for the wedding of Wesley and Katie. Design must be in the style of a Willie Wonka Chocolate bar wrapper, and include the date and venue of the wedding. Wrapper will be wrapped around chocolate bars and given out to each guest.

Design specifications :

- size : 15.5cm x 20cm
- include names, dates, and location
- resemble willie wonka chocolate bar

Wonka Bar :

Above is the classic Wonka bar, this style is famous from the original film and is the style I will stick to as it is the classic and will avoid the Wonka bar looking tacky.

This is the colour swatch from the classic Wonka bar, I will stick to these colours to maintain the original look and to add a sense of familiarity and recognition. 

Online I found a Willy Wonka typeface on, it incorporates the fun feel of the Wonka bar and the character of Willy Wonka. Although it is recognisably Wonka style I think it is a bit too much, especially when I typed out an example of - Katie & Wesley, it seems a bit too gimmicky , although it is a good starting point, so I will try varying the type face, experimenting with different styles, for example hand rendered.

Above is a quick draw out of how I want the design to look for the chocolate wrapper. The front will be the classic Wonka bar front and on the back it will feature the details of the wedding. The hand drawn style works well for the dafont Willy Wonka type face, by making it look less digital it looks less  childish and more classic, fitting the feel of the Wonka Bar better. I will now start applying colour and sorting out layout.

These are the two variations of the wedding favour. The version on the left uses a sans serif font for the date and location where as the version on the right is all hand rendered. The colours have been applied as they were on the original wrapper to maintain that classic look that is important as the chocolate bar is for a wedding, which is a traditional classic event. 

To get some feedback about the design and which direction to go with both designs were sent off to the bride and groom to get their opinions. The feedback I got was that they liked the look of the hand rendered wrapper, and that was the style they wanted to go with but, with the request from the bride to change the colour scheme to 'hot pink'.

To achieve the 'hot pink' look I will change the background colour to 100% magenta

Now that the colour is 100% magenta the wrapper meets the clients specifications and is ready to be sent to print, which the groom is organising, and has requested the wrapper as a pdf for the printers.

Finished product :

Saturday, 23 March 2013

GOOD IS : LOOKING UP - water mark development / CRIT feedback

Water mark:

For my research book I have proposed that I want the text to appear as watermarks do, when light is shined through. I researched into how watermarks are created in industry, and also my hand, but both ways were not  realistic or achievable for me to do.

I started to think of other ways i could mimic this water mark effect using light and dark, and then one day when I was at work one of the employers was joking around pretending to try and read a payslip in an envelope by holding it up to the light, it didn't work, but it made me realise that if you have two sheets of paper the front piece plain and the back piece of paper darker but with things you want to see white, when you hold the paper up to the light these things will shine through.

Water mark mock up :

This sticker sheet mocks up perfectly what i am trying to explain. when there is no light coming through the paper it appears as if there is nothing there, but then when held up to the light the logo appears, and this is because the logo has a black background which doesn't let the light pass through, but the white paper does, so because of this block of light it causes objects to appear.

This is how I will make my book. The images will be printed as normal on the front page, and the the text will be on the behind sheet inverted colour so that the background is black and text is white, so that the light will only shine through the text and the background the light will be blocked by the black.

Mock up of book :

This is a mock up of how the book will work / look. I started double sided sticky tape to stick the two sheets together but this was not successful as for the text to shine through perfectly, the two sheets must be fully stuck togthether with no gaps, I then tried prit stick but the same thing happened. By doing this I have come to the conclusion that spray mount will work best, and is what I will use for the real book, as it means the two sheets will be stuck perfectly.

Crit feed back :

Bellow is the feedback I got from the crit. It was all very positive, I think the fact that the format of my book reflects my 'good is' topic as it makes you look UP went down well.

Some feedback I got that I need to address is the fact that it doesn't actually tell the reader to look up to reveal the text, so someone might just there is no text and miss it all together, this is something I don't want to happen so I will put on the intro page a memo to hold book up to light to reveal text.

Another point I got was a bout format, as it was quite hard to hold the book up to reveal the text. I agree with this comment, the format is very awkward, and way to large. I think if I made it A5 a posed to A4 it will be much more usable, and the function of looking up with it will work better.

Plan :

- add memo on front
- change size to a smaller format
- buy spray mount

GOOD IS : LOOKING UP - research book presentation

Presentation feedback

Sunday, 17 March 2013

GOOD IS : LOOK UO - research book

Research book development :

The layout of my research book is very simple. This is due to the fact that I want to be albe to develop a clever concept to represen looking up with this book.

This is a pdf version of my book -

I have figured out a way of making people look UP when reading my research book. If i make the text disappear but then re appear when it is show towards the light, it would ensure that someone who reading the book has to look up. I have researched into ways and process of making things appear when they are held up to the light. I think water marks has been the most sucecful, but I need to find a way off mocking it up my own way.

This is how I want my book t o  come across gingers crossed the assignments out well.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

GOOD IS - LOOKING UP : Photo research

Look UP :

I decided to do some primary research into what you see when you look up, by taking some photos for myself. I used a fish eye lense as you get a wider angle and more in the picture so I could experiment with how much / what you see when you look up. The photos are not amazing quality, but it was useful to experiment with the fish eye lense and to see how buildings look when they are distorted. From these photographs I can see that if in my project I need to take photographs of looking up, the conditions and lighting are going to have to be spot on, as I think the effect of looking up at buildings or whatever with a grey miserable sky, compared to looking up at blue sky , is completely different and leaves you feeling different, no one wants to see a grey sky.


Tuesday, 5 March 2013



What is Good?

Looking up.

The brief                                                                         Background
Looking Up is a simple concept in life                               Looking up is a concept that people 
that is often forgotten about, create an                              should be made more aware of. People 
exhibition that encourages people to                                 today are busy and rush around, they should
look up, exploring the benefits it brings                             take the time to look around and notice the
to all.                                                                             surroundings around them. Many of the cities 
                                                                                     have hidden beauties above the eye view, 
                                                                                     looking up gives you A different perspective, 
                                                                                     you notice things you wouldn't normally see if
                                                                                     you were looking at your feet. It also inspires you 
                                                                                     to look thing up, research and learn, for example
Considerations                                                                you could be walking around and see an impressive
                                                                                     building or bird and want to know more about it.
Explore a range of different views you
see when you look up, consider different
scenarios where you could look up and 
how you could get the audience to engage.
Think of the benefits of looking up and how
to successfully put them across for the                             Mandatory requirements 
                                                                                      Evidence research, and development on blog posts
                                                                                      To your design practice and design context.
                                                                                      Correct labelling of blog posts .

Target audience

This exhibition will be aimed at young 
professionals, who have an interest in
the arts, as it will be an exhibition in a
gallery. They also will have an interest
in the surroundings around them. The 
age range I am aiming at for my target
audience is 25 - 35.


                                                                                    Produce a body of work for the exhibition.
                                                                                    Think about and create the promotional 
                                                                                    material to go with the exhibition. Create
                                                                                    the identitiy for the exhibition and think
Tone of voice                                                                about products that would go along side 
The tone of voice that will be used will
be light hearted, fun and entertaining,
so that the idea of looking up becomes 
more exciting and less pretentious. I 
want people to think about looking up, 
and know the benifits.

GOOD IS - LOOKING UP : Concept boards

We were asked to make presentation boards that sumerise :
- your good
- the range of good
- formats you want to use
- processes you want to use

based around on of the following :

- Abrief history of
- A collection of
- An intro to
- Thing you need to know about
- An exhibition of

The area I have decided to base my good on is , an exhibition of.. so mine would be :

An exhibition of looking up.

Because I have decided to do an exhibition I have looked into ranges of product that come from exhibitions and the different formats that come with it.


GOOD IS - STUDIO TASK - 5 formats of interest

We have been asked to research 5 formats that appeal to our personal practise. We must look into things like sustainability, durability, how it is put together, how it is produced in the commercial environment and how could you mock it up in the university environment and how long would that take you. I have chosen to look at binding techniques.

Binding :
I used the below link to get information about book binding. It breaks down the different binds into a simple explanation making it easy to understand.

Saddle stitch -

Commercial saddle stitch :

This is an example of saddle stitch in the commercial world. It is a secure low cost bind, it is not made for its durability, as it could easily break, but it is very secure. It is suitable for booklets and magazines but only if they are are of a small scale as if there are too many page the bind will not work.

DIY saddle stitch :

This is an example of a saddle stitch on a more DIY scale. It is just stapled with a long armed stapler. It is a simple, quick and easy way to DIY bind. The effect is very similar to the commercial saddle stitch, but the longevity and sustainability of this saddle stitch is not very strong. As the booklet is quite thick and the staples are not strong, the book has fallen apart. This is a quick bind but not one you would want to use if you were creating something that you want to last / high quality.  

Case bind -

Commercial case bind :

Bellow is an example of Case binding. Normally case binding is a disclosed thing, it is hidden by the card cover of the book. This is a strong bind with a high longevity. The bind is of high quality and uses glue and thread, it is a traditional method, it is strong and made to last. Used in high quality books.

DIY case bind :

This is a DIY case bind, it gives the same effect, it is done by sewing sections together and then reenforcing it with glue. This is a strong bind and will give the book a high sustainability. It is quite a long process in terms of it is quite fiddly and you have to have drying time for the glue and lots of thin layers of it. This bind gives a high quality strong finish.

 Perfect bound -

Commercial perfect bound :

Perfect bind is used widely in publishing it is quick and cheap and works with lots of pages, but it does not have a long longevity. The pages can easily fall out due to things like heat as the glue can melt, or they can just fall out due to wear and tear. It is not a bind you would use if you wanted to create something you want to keep for a long time.

Thread bind -

Commercial thread bind :

This is an example of thread bind, all the pages are grouped together and then sewn up the middle. This will be a strong bind and the pages will be secure, but there will be a limit to the amount of pages you can use. You could mimic this bind easily by running the pages through a sewing machine it would be a quick strong bind, but with limits to page amounts.

Oversewing -

Comercial oversewing :

Example of oversewing this bind give the freedom of movement, it is very similar to case binding using stitch and glue, but with the added freedom of movment.

Crit feedback :

During the crit we spoke about the different areas we had decided to look at quite a few of us on the table had looked at binding so it was interesting to see the different techniques we had looked at. We also spoke about different and cheap ways we could get things printed such as blurb - which was said to be good but expensive Issu- which was cheap good but took along time to come and Apple - which is one none of us had tried but Simon gave us good reviews.

Further Research -

5 Things I don't know about binding :

- How book binding happens in large quantities.
- How pages are rounded.
- How much each bind varies in cost.
- Life span of each bind.
- The effect using different stock has on the bind.
- Which is the most popular bind.

5 Things I don't know about process's :

- How to screen print in the environment.
- Would it be cost effective to screen print posters and reasons for screen printing over digital.
- How to emboss / deboss things successfully and how its done commercially.
- How to succescfuly mimic spot varnish
- What different inks are available for screen print.
- How to use the laser cutter for stamps , embossing etc.

Choose favourite / most interesting item brought it -

I chose this magazine for my most interesting item brought in. It is a magazine about skateboarding, but the things that interests me is the format, it is not an A size it is of a different page format which is interesting and different. I also like that fact that the cover becomes a poster which gives the cover a secondary purpose. The other thing that I enjoy about this publication is the fact the bind is on show it gives the book a tactile feel and something you don't see everyday and is something that is normally hidden.

3 Bad things about object brought in :

- Cover which becomes a poster may get damaged as it is constantly exposed and is what protects the 
- Once the cover is removed the book is at risk of damage, it has not protection from dirt, water etc.
- The book is limited edition so obviously costs to make and was also a free give away, which means 
  there would be not profits.

3 Good things about object :

- The cover has multiple functions, it protects the book but also becomes a poster so it has many uses.
- Interesting concept of leaving the bind exposed, makes the book have a tactile, unusual finish.
- Book is about skateboarding, so obviously it is indented for them  as an audience, but because it is   
 well considered and has things like secondary purposes for cover, the bind exposed and considered 
 stock and design, it extends the audience as even if you are not interested in the content you can 
 appreciate the format and finish of the book.