Monday, 31 October 2011


 Legibility, Readability, Hierarchies

Today we dissected a variety of newspapers looking at the Hierarchies within the page. It was interesting to see the contrast between cheap/free papers and the more expensive ones. The 
cheaper ones used such a variety of different fonts, different weights, different sizes, it all
becomes a little too much and hard to form a solid Hierarchies that works the way it should by drawing your eye to specific points of the page on purpose. The more expensive papers achieved this better. From dissecting the papers it made me more aware that Hierarchies happen on purpose to guide your eye.

Study Task 4 - Legibility, Readability, Hierarchies

Based on the principles, terminology and information introduced in Session 3 of the Module develop a body of work that demonstrates an investigation of Typographic Hierarchies across a range of selected Graphic Design formats listed below:

3 x Posters
3 x Magazines
3 x Newspapers

Angler's Mail -


This magazine may not be the best looking but from cutting up all the text I can see it has a very clear hierarchy. The cut up text reads like the double page spread does from top to bottom. The headlines and sub headers are all larger the geting smaller as work through text onto promo at the bottoom of the the page.

Canals rivers + boats -

The Hierarchy for this is slightly differernt, the cut out text doesn't read as the magazine does its all jumbled up. It is still a clear hierarchy we an easy to read flow.



Really simple Hiearachy here, its just mae up of 4 different sized type. This means when reading the magazine, there will be not distractions from other bits of text.

The Herald - 

This was a free newspaper and I found it interesting how there was not use of succesfull hierachy what so ever. I took me a while to even realise there was text on this page because of all the advertising and because of the lack of hierachy. This article highlighted to me the importance of hierachy.

Waitrose News paper-

This news paper had so many different fonts and different sizes and weights, It makes it quite hard to read as you just don't know where to start on the page or you might be reading something then something else catches your eye and you want to read that. It's also interesting how low down the body copy of the actual text comes in the hierarchy.

The Edition -

there is a clear and working hierarchy in this newspaper. The eye glides easily over the article 

Bonnaroo poster - 

This is not a good poster for a festival as it is lacking a strong hierarchy. Festival posters depend on a hierarchy to sell there main headliners but with this poster it is hard to see who's playing at all.

Leeds festival poster -

There is definitely more of a hierarchy to this poster as the main headliners are easy to see but there is alot going on in the way of different fonts so some bits get lost due to this.


I think this hierarchy for a festival poster is pretty spot on. Its all very clear who is the main headliners but as the font is the same it means you dont lose who the other band are. Its easy to navigate your eye around the poster. The cut out text reads pretty much exactly as the poster does.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011



I am really happy with my crit feedback, it is all very positive and helpful, some interesting points have been made which i will look into.


Trail for other poster option. I decided not to use this poster as i feel that the recycle poster is more visually interesting and striking.

Monday, 24 October 2011





The font design for this poster sequence is made from using fonts from ciggarette packets. Although I like the design idea and concept for this sequence of posters, the constraint of working with just two colours does not work well, the poster looks as if it is missing something without more colour so i will not be taking this idea further.