Wednesday, 16 May 2012


What skills have you developed through this module and how effectively do you
think you have applied them?
I have learnt a vast range of skills through this module, starting with the Erik Kessell live brief.
This was a good introduction on how to work to a live brief with a live audience and 
client as such. I also experimented with different ways of addressing this brief such as making 
water reactant paper, which
was a good chance to playand experiment.
The virus is a communication brief really helped me develop my collaborative skills.
I feel we all callaborated really well. Working as a team rather then individuals. It was also 
again a really good opportunity to work on something that is actually out there and a good 
introduction on how to communicate with the public and getpeople interested.
My software skills have been greatly improved in this module as I have used a range of photosho,
Indesgin and illustrator throughout this module as there has been such a range of formats and products
 produced withinthis module. I have also learnt a new skill of japanese book binding which has been
interesting and is a really beautiful technique. I also had the opportunity to develop my screen printing
 skills as I printed during this module.Another important skill that I feel has developed in this module is
presenting. In this module we have done a variety of different presentations of work which has been
really useful and begun to do it in a more professional manner with boards to back up our ideas.                                                                                                                                     

What approaches to/methods of design production have you developed and how have they informed 
your design development process?

I have developed my book binding skills, I now know another method of book binding that
 will be really and benifitial for future projects. I have also developed on the production of
the end piece of my work,since normally i feel the end product of my work
 could do with better execution and production, but throughout this module I have been
really happy with my final outcomes especially the outcome for its your choice and virus
is a communication, both projects I feel has a really nice production and end product value.

What strengths can you identify in your work and how have/will you capitalise on these?

In this module I have experimented and played a lot in the the projects to try and come 
up with a varietyof interesting and different outcomes. This is something Ive found really 
beneficial in thismodule so I will continue this style of working by just playing and 
pushing things to get innovativeoutcomes.

Another strength has been collaboration, this is something I have never had a really amazing
 time with where everyone is happy and works together , but this time it was different and
we all pulled together and worked as a team which was really good and gave us a functioning
 outcome. I also collaborated in this module with 3rd year fashion student Scarlett Stewart which
 was a really good opportunity to have a small feel of what it feels like to work for someone else
 and for it not to be just about my work it was about showing her work off too.

What weaknesses can you identify in your work and how will you address these in the future?

I need to make sure that I seek peers opinions on my work when I revisit a brief, as for my rain
poster I decided to revisit it and thought it was sorted but when my peers looked at it they
 noticed things that I had previously, this pointed out to the me the importance of getting
 feedback on our own and not just relying on crits. So for the future I will use my peers
and seek more opinions on my work.

Identify five things that you will do differently next time and what do you expect to gain from 
doing these?

1. Concept delivery, in the final crit one of the things that was mentioned about my work is
 that I don't deliver my concept on my blog or design boards in a very clear way, if I alter
 this it will make delivering my concept a lot easier.
2. make sure that everything on my blog is clear such as images,
I need to start taking more care on how I perceive my work.
3. seek people opinions on my work so that I don't fall blind to it
4. Create more design sheets to generate more ideas so that I know that the
 idea I am going for is definitely my best
5. make sure that the production of every brief is to a very high standard.

Attendance - 5
Punctuality - 5
Motivation - 4
Commitment - 4
Quantity of work produced - 3
Quality of work produced - 3
Contribution to the group - 4


This crit was really useful to find out whether our blogs actually read how we think they do. It was also really good to get an overview of all the projects that we have done in this module as we may have missed something. We then come up with a list of common issues which is a good reference tool to check whilst blogging.

Through this crit a point was raised about my rain posters that the white might not be that easy to read, so I decided to experiment with this further.

Althogh I do like the subtleness and contrast of the white I do understand what they mean, especially from a distance, so I will alter the white to a different colour to up the visibility.


As OBI is not my product it would not be my choice where I sent the mail shots to publicise Scarlett, but above is an example of the kind of places Scarlett would want to send them

Bird yard - Is an independent arty fashion boutique, which from conversations with Scarlett is the kind  of direction she imagines herself going in.

Four seasons recruitment - Is an agency which represents free lance designers which again is the kind of thing Scarlett is looking for.

Coggles - Is a fashion department store in York that stocks lots of independent fashion labels.

Good Day - Good day agency is a new fashion agency based up north.

Leeds Fashion Show - Is a company thats gives fashion designers an opportunity to go from graduate to professional from putting on professional fashion shows and also from connections within the industry that attend the shows.


I experimented with a few ways of wrapping the book, but decided that the best way would be to wrap it so it folds out at the front like a 'Kimono' to tie is scarletts Theme. 

I also thought about wrapping the book with a piece of scarlett's fabric to act as an OBI ( an obi is the tie that goes around the kimono of a geisha) which is where Scarlett sourced her collection name.

I have decided not to go ahead with this as most of the fabric I have is just odd cut off bits and they look messy.

I am really happy with my end product. I feel I have been able to capture the essence of OBI and transform it into the look book and other products. I wanted to create a product that looks professional but with a sense of fun as that is what Scarlett's clothes represent. I wanted to use intricate hand rendering processes such as japanese book binding and screen printing as this is how Scralett created how garments. I think that this as a mail shot would work well as is includes all the details to contact scarlett such as number and email address and gives a description about the work. If scarlett was to send off these as mail shots though she would probably need to attach a letter to inform the company of her intent whether to just showcase her work or if she wants business etc.