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PRINT PROCESS : Colour systems


Spot colour:



Tints and shades :

Pantone :

Wednesday, 24 October 2012



Design for web

Maximun amount of time a user gives a website before leaving is 5 seconds. The initial reaction a person gets when they first go on the website is the most important thing.

black > dull > empty > space  > i like it > interesting
uses indexibit a website server that alot of designers use it is the content that makes the website look good and interesting not the web

bright > fun > hectic > vibrant > gif > movement
runs on cargo similar to indexibit

Photograph > simple > sophisticated > google street view
This website won an award which has given the trend of using full image bleed as a background

nice > on trend > hipster > clean > retro > monotone > boxes 

colour > vector > simple

waves > photoshop > photograph > CD > circles
shelfs > clean > clinical > ikea > swedish > repetitive

slow > bold > annoying

split > horizontal > minimalist > confusing 

3 questions to always ask yourself before you start designing for web

- What is the point of the website, what is the purpose?
- Who is the target audience?
- What do the target audience need? this will inform the audience and aid you in knowing what you
   will put on the website

If the website is successful you should be able to answer these 3 questions easily when you first look at a website.

ways of finding answers for yourself :

research - survey target audience , focus groups , look at similar websites that have same target
                audience see what they have

How do you find out what design agencies want to see on website - research studio , go on there
website , ask them : what do they want to see, what info etc

Common things seen on website:

Type and image - titles - headings - navigation

Limitations when designing for web

- font : you don't pay to use fonts you embed them. If you chose a fancy font and the person who is viewing the font doesn't have the font available on the computer they wont see it. This is why in web design you choose a font family so if you chose helvetica and they don't have it it will turn into arial and if you don't have arial it turns into any available sans serif font.

above is a good website for web fonts.

- colour : you work in RGB but more restrained for web. websafe colour

- size : all screens are different sizes there are standard web sizes

- resolution ppi : 72 ppi is out of date screens today are 96 ppi. On a new retina display screen the ppi
webdesignledger  html and css design and build websites css mastery (advanced)


- layout designs
- navigation to pages


HTML - hyer text mark up language
URL - uniform resource locator
CSS - cascading style sheets
FTP - file transfer protocol
CMS - content management system
WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get (dreamweaver)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


10 Website I either love or hate :

Netflix : hate

I don't neccesarly have a problem with the aesthetic design for the netflix website but I do have a problem with the navigation of the website. I find it pretty imposbile to grasp exactly what films/programs netflix has to offer as it feels so unsystematic. If you want to find something to watch it usually takes your longer to find something then to watch whatever you eventually choose. I think this problem would be resolved if they had a tool like an A-Z of everything they have in each category rather then having to reel through reams and reams of thumbnails.

It's nice that : love

I website that I think works well is It's nice that. It's simple clean layout makes this website easy to navigate around and it's simplicity also bodes well with showing off the work that they are showcasing. There is no advertising on the website except the ocational design related advert, this is very refreshing as so many websites are covered in unattractive irelavent adverts. The website is also really easy to use there is a search box to search for whatever it is you may disire, and at the bottom of the page there is a break down of areas of interest which is really useful.

Design work life is a similar website to It's nice that in the way that it showcases others work. Although the work it shows is really interesting and of a really good standard, the website let's this site down. It doesn't look very professional and if I didn't know the work it shows is really good and just ended up on this website by chance I would assume it's taste in work wouldn't be too amazing. The website look isn't too upsetting in hindsight though, the search and navigation is. When you search something in the search box like 'books' or 'web' it comes up with the search results of past posts about those items but it does not show thumbnails so you don't know what is what, you have to click to see what the design work is like and this lengthens the process of searching for a specific thing.

Cattlemen's : hate

This restaurant website is over crowded and not good. This is a very popular restaurant with a very good reputation, but this website does not do it any justice or favours. the quality of images is poor, the use of images is poor, the actual logo is pixelated and there is just too much going on, it is hard to navigate and confusing.

This website is very interesting the minamilitc look is really different and the use of no obvious columns that most websites conform to works really well. I'm not sure wether it is too simple or what would happen if this person's body of work grew larger and larger how the layout would work then. But for now I think this is a unique and interesting website design

This website is very distracting as there is so much movement going on, constantly no matter what page you go on. It's distracting and uncomfortable for the eyes and doesnt aid the usability as it just makes me want to get off the website as quick as possible. 

Emily Hadden : good

Good use of space, simple layout, simple use of colour and easy to use navigation. This website is easy to use and aesthetically good to look at.

Simple easy to use, clean. Although the style of layout does remind me of the type of layout you would see on Tumbrl which is not something I'd purposly try and mimic for my website as websites are expensive and tumbrl is free so if somone else was designing the website I'd want my moneys worth and not just to look like tumbrl.

really interesting layout and feel to the website. Easy usability and rememberable look. The use off things opening up large with a click then going back down is really useful and makes the website less clumbsy going back an forth all the time. Clear navigation bar at bottom.

Bullwrinkle : hate

This website is just too much. I quite like the backgrond peach colour and subject matter of Bulldogs but apart from that it is awful it's hard to navigate, it's ugly and cramped and just looks like it hasnt been designed. I would not want to stay on this website I would find it very frustrating.


using  InDesign for booklet

Create document as normal, set it up to exact size.

as it is a booklet turn on facing pages and work out how many pages you will be using, the total numbers of pages must be a multiple of 4.  (sadle stich)  

If you are making perfect bound book it must be multiple of 2

Always consider print size you must print on larger paper then the total size of the book plus bleed etc

On screen and once printed and put together the pages will read correctly 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 etc but when printing the pages will not read they will go 1-3 , 2-4

InDesign works out what page goes next to each other.

If you are not working in InDesign a way to work out the pages is either making up a mock up or you can make a collum and working out the numbering. each pair of numbers will always add up to 1 more than the total numer of pages e.g bellow each pair will add up to 9.

L | R
8 | 1
2 | 7
6 | 3
4 | 5 

Master pages : 

Every InDesign document has 1 master page. Every page is based on this page as a templae. you use this to place things on every singe page such as page headers in magazine. 

The A represents that these pages are based on the the A - Master pages. You can use more than 1 master page say if the header changes, and this will then become B - master page.

Once you place something on a master page it becomes locked. This is to maintain consistancy so that you don't accidently move it and ruin the layout of every page. to move an object on master paged you press

cmd > shift > and click on object

To create a new master page click on the pallet menu and add master page

To apply the new master page ( master page B) click and drag the master page B over a page, this will then delete the previous master page off that page.

You can use master pages to put page numbers on the page go to: 

Type > insert special character > markers > curent page numbers

copy the the text box onto the other facing page 

alt > drag

The numbers will now appear on every page 

When setting up the document you can state where you want the booklet to begin numbering wise as there is often a blank page at start of book etc. you can do this by altering the start page no.

As we are printing a booklet you go down to print option of : print booklet 

Always select : print blank pages, as the chances are you will have blank pages in the book

When you print booklets you print double sided and to do so your pages should be lined up on each side click > centred

When you print double side select short - edge binding.

Printing in Digital Dungen:

print booklet doesnt work in dungen. 

Go to print booklet  > at top of menu there is an option of > postscript

Postcript is the language that is used for the actual printer to print things. 

select PPD setting Adobe PDF 9.0, this ables you to slelet a wider range of paper sizes then normal

Set all settings as you would normally and then press print. It will then convert your file and ask you to save it. save it where you like and then when you need to print it take that file to the digital room.