Tuesday, 21 May 2013

GOOD IS : LOOK UP - Research book & evaluation

Research Book :

This brief was about exploring the relationship between content, context and product in relation to our individually identified subject theme. Mine was looking at looking up in relation to an exhibition. I set out a plan and divided my areas of research to fit in with the areas previously just mentioned. This way of working ensured that I had a thorough and appropriate research, I wasn't research for the sake of researching, I was researching with intent, which meant that what I gained from the research was a lot more relevant to my my project. By breaking down the research It also meant that nothing got miss out, or if something was missing from the research, it was obvious to spot. I found the challenge of making our research book appropriate in format to our subject area really interesting. publications are so often just normal bog standard books, so it was a good opportunity to remember that publications can take whatever format we see fit for the brief. Making my book fit in with looking up was an enjoyable challenge that was satisfying when it all came together and successfully embodies the concept of looking up as you have to hold the book up to the light and 'look up' to read the text as it shines through. I found putting my research at that stage into a book useful, as it is so often that there is so much researching going on that you end up forgetting the initial research which is usually of importance, so having this reference was a useful tool.

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