Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Final crit :

For the final crit my poster wasn't finished, as just as I suspected the pen that I was using to print the image ran out and due to it being a bank holiday the new pen i bought didn't arrive in time. This is the poster I presented with three of my women missing.

I am really happy with how the poster was going the effect of printing the poster with a pen that lifts ink from a laser print is working well, it gives an old effect that I wanted.

As I didn't have a complete poster I had to digitally print out the poster to mock it up. The effect it totally different and not as nice the edges are too sharp and it looks to high res, but obviously this is not how my final poster will look.


I was really happy with the scores I got there were all quite high and even a few 20's in there. The feed back I got from my table was positive. They liked the concepts and just said to definitely go with the look of the unfinished poster but obviously finish it.

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