Saturday, 4 May 2013

GOOD IS : LOOKING UP - concept / context development

Concept Development :

After the last crit I decided that I wanted to add a more interactive, audience participant feel to the audience so did some thinking and come up with the concept of making the exhibition more of an event split into two halfs.

Part 1 :

Part one of the exhibition would be day time affair where the public would be invited in and on a first come first served basis would be able to rent out an analogue camera (so that it fits in with the photographic work of the rest of the exhibiting, and to match the avoid modern day technology aspect, and to match the concept as it had derived from 3 old concepts) and as well as the camera they would get a look up kit witch is inspired by the Dérive experience. the pack will include a set of instructions for the participant to follow religiously. They would then take the photographs at the end of each instruction looking up. once they have used the film up ( another reason to use analogue cameras as there is a restriction on the amount of photographs you can take, so you have to stop) you would return back to base and hand in the film, which would then be developed and displayed during the evening event.

Part 2 :

This would be the evening exhibition where the ceiling viewing of looking up would be displayed. It would be a celebration of looking up so have a very social celebratory feel. the photographs taken by the people who experienced the Look UP x dérive experience earlier in the day would have their photographs on display around the room, which will add a feel of audience participant and means the audience can relate to the work.
For the people who didne experience the dérive x Look UP experience during the day would have the chance to purchase the pack, or aspects of the pack so they too can go on this new journey around the city.

Context :

As I want my exhibition to have an event type feel with a social aspect I  needed to find an appropriate context for the exhibition to happen. It would be a pop up exhibition that would last for one day, and on day only, so it would not be appropriate to put it in say, Leeds art gallery. As it is going to one day I want it to have a lo-fi aspect as it would be unrealistic for someone to spend excess money that they don't need to when there is a cheaper option, on an event that will only last 10 or so hours.

Through doing research I have chosen my location for the event to be :

Mexico project space -

They host many creative events and exhibitions so it would be perfect they also serve drink which will make the event feel like an event and celebration

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