Saturday, 4 May 2013

GOOD IS : LOOKING UP - concept / poster development

Whilst out one day I noticed this crane, the contrast between the blue sky and the pink crane, made it impossible not to notice and look at the crane. It makes a very striking colour contrast. I want the visual identity to be striking and powerful , as a way of getting peoples attention to look is through bright, striking colours. This crane  and sky combination is perfect for doing just that, and I discovered it by looking UP so it is all very relevtant and is what I have decided to use for my identity.

Poster delevopment :

This is how I want my posters to look. I have stuck to the colour scheme using no other colour. The images are all all half toned as I want to screen print the poster. I think the colours are working really well together and are very striking. I need to add the location of the event as this is a very important piece of information that I have left off at this point. I also need to add the web address as I have chosen to make the promotional posters very cryptic, this is due to the fact that a dérive experience of exploring the city with no control is very mysterious you never know where you are going to end up, so i don't want to give too much away, or bombard with too much information, so I will use the website as a way of explaining about the event.

Below are the other two images I will be using in variations of the poster stirrUP and makeUP. The screen shots also highlight the process I have gone through to get the halftone effect. singling out the images, then putting it into grey scale, then bitmap, and then finally into monotone.

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