Thursday, 2 May 2013

STUDIO BRIEF 3 : poster development

Design Pageant :

From the images of vintage beauty queens i gathered I picked my favourite women and cut them out on photoshop and placed them in a pyramid of beauty. The cut outs are a bit sketchy but this does not mater as the process i amy going to use will complement this style.

This is what I will be using to print my poster. It is a blender pen that lifts laser jet ink off the paper to print onto another sheet of paper or whatever. I didn't want to risk it running out so ordered a back up pen to be organised.

This is the effect you get from printing with the pen. it is lovely and grainy and adds character to the work.

I was ready to get on with the poster when I realised I'de mad one dreadful mistake, I hadn't flipped the image so I ve  got half a poster the wrong way round instead of having a finished poster. even thought it is the wrong way round I now have a better understanding of how the psoster is going to look.

This is the way round i MUST remember to print it this way

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