Thursday, 2 May 2013

STUDIO BRIEF 3 : concept development

From the word generation workshop I have got my concepts lined up, based on the words

- fight
- pageant
- fresh
- change

Concept 1:

- Change.

This concept is to do with so many people in the world who don't like change and get freaked out by it. This is going to be a orating exhibition so will be ever changing, so this concept asks those who don't like change to politely move on to somewhere else.

Concept 2 :

- Fight

This concept is to do with the fact the exhibition is a competition, a good old fashioned design fisticuffs. thhe imagery would be boxing gloves.

concept 3 :

- mould

I have a box of forgotten about and therefore moulding strawberys in my fridge which made me think about the idea of fresh. For this concept I would have the mouldy strwaberys in a photograph on the poster, with a memo of must consume in etc

Concept 4 :

Pageamt -

Design pageant is a competition to see who wins a spot in the frames, but as you may know beauty are not only judged by their looks, also by the way the represent themselves and how beautiful they are on the inside too. This translates well to graphic design as we don't just look for a pretty piece of work, we look for strong concepts and ideas too.

Crit feedback :

The crit feed back speaks highly of the  the beauty pageant concept, it seems to have gone down well. Due to it being received well I am going to go ahead with this concept.

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