Tuesday, 21 May 2013

GOOD IS : LOOKING UP - evaluation & photographed products

Evaluation :

The brief asked us to practically and conceptually explore the possible products, ranges and method distribution to do with our selected direction, mind being 'an exhibition of' within this I chose to look at range of areas the relate to exhibitions, that being branding and identity, publishing and editorial, product and packaging and retail and promotion. We were asked to work across a broad range of medias and formats, which I achieved through creating my range of products. I worked 2d, 3d and 4d using different formats so feel I have achieved this part of the brief. I would have liked to experiment more across printing techniques, but due to the fact my screen printing didn't work out because the screen I prepared and exposed was blocked with glue, something you can't see until the screens exposed and washed out, then you will see the blocks, I hadn't penciled in enough time for error with screen print so had to boycott the whole mission which was a shame, but I have learnt that I must include time for error, especially when in comes to print and production of products. This module was very focused on concept generation which I feel really helped in creating a solid and clever concept that people will notice, rather then just 'pretty graphic design' a strong concept makes you think, which makes a massive difference by making it way more memorable. I am happy with the range of products that I have produced I feel they are all appropriate to my concept and all designed with context and audience always in mind. My concept was ever developing through this project which meant that the designing part was delays slightly as I wanted to get the concept spot on, so I had to keep going back to research and tweaking the concept, I found this a really useful expierence as it highlighted how worthwhile it is to push a concept further until it is spot on. Once the concept is good to go it makes the designing part come together a lot more fluidly which was a nice experience.  Overall I am happy with the products I have produced for what is good, I have designed with a concept in mind and tried to make some creative and innovative products.

Promotion :

poster -

Exhibition guide :

Flyer - 

Exhibition ticker :

Website :

Exhibition products :

Projection mock up :

Suzanne Look Up from Suzanne Moore on Vimeo.

Dérive x LookUP instructions -

Map for pack -

Bag -

Look Up x dérive pack contents -

Exhibition book -

Photographs from exhibition -

Neck brace -

Selected products together -

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